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Frequently asked questions

Do states require security companies to have any kind of license?

Yes, many states do. Security Pro 24/7’s hub is based in Indiana and is required to submit licensing documentation. This documentation requires that the Director of Security provides references that can certify that he/she has five years of previous security experience prior to applying for a license. Every member in our leadership team exceeds the requirement and is dedicated to keeping you safe with the best employees, technology, and best practices in the security industry.

Can Security Pro 24/7 customize a response to fit my needs?

Yes, Security Pro 24/7 evaluates every situation individually and will create a custom security response to fit your unique needs.

Can I request an officer with specific training or experience?

Security Pro 24/7 employs employees with various experience levels. We will do our best to schedule an officer that matches your request.

Does Security Pro 24/7 use a digital reporting system?

Security Pro 24/7 understands the need for technology that will support an officer and provide the best information to a client every day, every shift. All officers complete check in, check out, code scans, and report generating on one mobile platform called GuardMetrics.

How quickly will Security Pro 24/7 respond if I have an urgent need for security?

Our leadership team understands that security isn’t a 9 to 5 occupation. If an urgent need arises where you would need an officer, the team will most likely be able to fill the shift within a few hours at most. Security Pro 24/7 believes that a client needs to be able to rely on its security provider, especially when unforeseen incidents occur.

Does Security Pro 24/7 offer traffic control?

Traffic control at construction sites, events, and restricted access locations are all options that you can chose from at Security Pro 24/7. Our Traffic Control Officers are highly trained to make your worksite safe and OSHA compliant. You have a restricted access location that requires visitor management? Security Pro 24/7 has personnel and the digital platform to monitor and keep track for you.

What training does an officer receive?

The officers minimum training consists of conflict resolution, use of force, diversity awareness, first aid/CPR, and crisis response

What is security accelerated?

The Security Accelerated training program provides training to personnel to provide a higher level of protection when the job requirements are at their highest level.

Are Security Pro 24/7 officers “real” police officers?

Security Pro 24/7 will hire former police officers and military veterans, but most of our employees are no longer police officers. The fact is, hiring police officers to work “off duty” is extremely expensive (usually $50 per hour or more). Security Pro 24/7 utilizes highly trained civilian employees to provide professional security at a much more economical price.

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