Top 2 things to consider when hiring a security guard

When protecting your business, you want to know that security is covered by the best possible option. That means hiring the best people for the job. The physical presence of the security guard is not the only thing you’re hiring; they’re someone you can rely on to give you peace of mind that they’re protecting your staff, customers and property to the best of their ability.

First considerations should always be the level and type of security you need. We suggest you consider other aspects of the job to help you choose the right person for your security requirements.

Here are our top 2 things to consider when hiring a security guard.

1. Are They Trained and Licensed?

The security industry is strictly regulated. Before hiring a security guard, make sure they are fully trained. As well as formal training, security guards must also undergo criminality checks to qualify for an SIA licence.

If driving is part of their job description, you also need to ensure security guards have a valid driving license.

2. Interpersonal Skills

Communication skills are key to ensuring you get the service you’re paying for in the end. Security work involves a preventative approach to crime and aggression, so knowing how to deal with people and having the ability to defuse a situation before it escalates is crucial. If the security guard will be dealing with staff and customers, you want to be assured communicate effectively and professionally, both as protector and enforcer.

The solution is to find a reputable, experienced and reliable security company that can guarantee the highest standards of professionalism from their employees. Security Pro 24/7 guards are fully trained and vetted, to provide you with the peace of mind that the security of your business or event is in trustworthy and competent hands.

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