3 Signs your business needs a security guard

You’ve hired extra help in the evening but you’re still not sure if your lot and building are safe. With over 90% of robberies and break-in’s in Indiana going unsolved, you may need to consider hiring professionals to keep your property safe.

Here are 3 signs that your business would benefit from a security guard.

1. Your Facilities are located in a high crime area

“High Crime” doesn’t have to mean a bad neighborhood. If your business is located in a sparsely populated area there is a higher potential for crime occurring.

2. You serve alcohol on the premises

Alcohol can lead to fights and fights can lead to an increase is liability insurance. Having security guards on the grounds can help deescalate situations and keep your insurance rate reasonable.

3. You have building traffic concerns

If your business is located in a high traffic area where people are consistently entering and exiting the building, there is a higher probability for public safety issues. Having a guard present can help keep the public at ease and spending money at your establishment.

Security guards can help keep you safe.

If you’re not sure how security guards can help you, contact us today at 812-332-2190 for a FREE security audit!


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