You know the drill; your fire notification system is down, and the law requires that you either close your building to all employees and visitors or provide a Firewatch Officer. 

Security Pro 24/7 officers have received the required training by trained firefighter instructors so you can continue to work as usual and leave the rest to us.  Officers will complete rounds and provide digital documentation, as required by law, to satisfy the fire marshal that you are always willing to cooperate with.

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Security Pro 24/7 is a leading provider in security services that is fully customizable to your needs.  Your safety is our priority.

We recognize that your time is limited, and you don’t have time to research which security company is best suited for your needs.

Security Pro 24/7 utilizes a Partner Plus Process that provides professional, effective security that meets all your needs by hiring, training, and continuously evaluating the best, most qualified personnel.


Security Pro 24/7 provides a diverse mix of services including, Armed and Unarmed guards, Mobile Patrols, Event Security, Executive Protection, Firewatch, and Traffic Control.  

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